Cabrera XIV (Mallorca)

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This is one of the most spectacular archaeological sites in the Western Mediterranean. It was discovered in 2016 while some marine biology works were taking place and thanks to the information a fisherman provided.

Sunk 70 m deep in the waters of the National Maritime-Terrestrial Park of the Cabrera Archipelago, this shipwreck contains a cargo of thousands of 4th century AD African amphoras intactly preserved, which were used to transport fish sauces.

The wreck was studied by an IBEAM team, who performed a detailed planimetry of the site using the photogrammetry technique. It took four dives and more than two thousand photographs to obtain a high resolution scaled image of the wreck, which will allow the experts to study its cargo, understand the arrangement on the ship and establish hypotheses about the route it was following at the time of the wreaking.

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